Bright Smiles Dental Organization is a non-governmental organization that deals in the following services,Dental Services,Community Outreaches, Teenage Pregnancies and Skilling the youth.

Although overall improvements in oral health have occurred in many developed countries over the years, oral health inequalities have emerged as a major public health challenge because low income and socially disadvantaged groups experience disproportionately high levels of oral disease. In many developing countries like Uganda, economic, social and political changes have had a significant effect on diet and nutrition with a shift occurring from traditional towards more “westernized” diets. As a consequence the consumption of sugars has risen and levels of dental caries have increased. This is a particular problem in the primary dentition in which most caries remain untreated.

Oral diseases are however largely preventable. The challenge is to create the opportunity and conditions to enable individuals and communities to enjoy good oral health. Although advances in clinical operative techniques in Uganda have made dental treatment more effective and acceptable, treatment approaches alone have not eradicated oral diseases. Indeed in many low-income families in Uganda and kanungu district in particular, the total cost of providing traditional operative dental care exceeds the entire health care budget for a family. Effective public health approaches are therefore required to prevent oral diseases and promote oral health across the population.