Oral health program is a community based organization spear headed by selfless Ugandan team headed by a senior dentist (Kyomuhangi Naomi) who was appointed in a government district hospital (Kambuga Hospital) in Uganda. She found out that the hospital had no functional equipment to use while providing dental services. The government was very reluctant to provide/ Robby necessary equipment for dental department. This dentist discovered that her vision for building a strong oral health public awareness and having a population free from dental diseases may die. She started oral health program(Bright smiles dental organization) in 2018 which would open more opportunities for public health dentists and nurses to reach less privileged population in Kanungu District and other neighboring districts with oral health related conditions and disabilities. This Dentist shared her vision with her other two colleagues who mobilized ?resources from their little monthly salaries to start providing outreach services to people in near by areas. They also started a very small dental facility at BSDO office that would provide dental services located in Kanungu District, Kihiihi town in market cell at affordable costs.